Kandil Consulting LLC

Featured Work

I find what works, then I find what works better.

My portfolio features a wide range of projects. Working as a designer and a developer for many years, I was fortunate to learn how to design and code for many types of requirements in many different industries.

For most small business needs, that means I have been both a creative and technical resource. For larger projects, that means I have been able to provide consultation and specialized services.

My experience includes:

Brand, graphic & product design

  • Logos
  • Brand art
  • Product design
  • Event posters
  • Illustration
  • Creative consultation

Web design & user experience

  • Web design
  • WordPress theme design
  • User experience
  • Web graphics
  • Social media marketing

Technical consultation, web & app development

  • Web development
  • Front-End frameworks
  • Mobile UI
  • WordPress site development
  • eCommerce integration
  • Developer operations
  • Technical consultation