Dalya Kandil | Kandil Consulting LLC | KCLLC Design

Featured Design

I make designs that work.

My portfolio features projects ranging from brand identity and 3d design for the sports and nutrition industry — to UX design and online retail for consumer websites and apps.

Working as a designer and a front-end web developer for many years, I was able to learn how to design and develop for many types of requirements, under many different circumstances and in multiple types of industries.

For most business needs, I am hired as a freelance creative and technical contributor on brand and product development. For larger corporations, I am usually contracted to provide consultation and specialized services to solve high-level issues.

Brand, Web, Print and Product

Brand, graphic and product design

  • Logo design for corporate and boutique clients
  • Creation of new brand identity
  • Improvements to existing brand standards
  • High-level product design and working prototypes
  • Commercial package design for the food, supplement and nutrition industry
  • Mockups, illustrations and 3d renderings
  • SVG and CSS animations that are web optimized
  • Other creative consultation

Web design and customer experience

  • Website homepages that are SEO-friendly, with high-impact design and analytics
  • Easy-to-use WordPress themes
  • Improvements to existing UX
  • Retail and customer experience
  • Animated and 3d web graphics
  • Social media marketing banners

WordPress management and online retail development

  • WordPress
  • Online retail
  • Website administration
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Gsuite and Google Analytics
  • DNS and SSL management